Q: Why does the purchased video link to a page outside of MuscleRhythm.com? Is this an error or virus?
A: We host videos on MEGA. To download, you will use https://mega.co.nz/



Q: Why is the MEGA page not available/not loading/stuck/loading forever?
A: Try using Google Chrome and the MEGA Browser App (also called extension or plugin), or Mozilla Firefox and its MEGA Browser App/plugin. Based on our experience and that of customers, Google Chrome and its MEGA Browser App/plugin work best when downloading files from us.

Get Google Chrome Here. Install Google Chrome, then use it to get the MEGA Browser App/plugin Here

Or, Get Mozilla Firefox Here. Install Mozilla Firefox, then use it to get the MEGA Browser App/plugin Here



Q: Do I need to pay for MEGA in order to download files?
A: No. If all you want to do is download files from MuscleRhythm, the free version of MEGA works 100%. The free version of MEGA may cause delays if you download a lot of content. We use MEGA to keep costs as low as possible.



Q: I saw the MEGA page, how do I download the video?
A: On the MEGA page, right-click the video link, you will see a “Download” option. Click on the “Download” option and the downloading process will start automatically, and you will see the video loading from 0% to 100%, with the estimated time shown in the lower part of the MEGA page.

It’s best to only download 1 file at a time.

You are not done yet! After it loads to 100%, your computer will prompt you to select the destination that you would like to save the files. Select the destination and click on SAVE button and the process is finished.



Q: I cannot find the location of the saved files!
A: By default, your web browser will save files inside of your Downloads folder. You can also perform a search of your hard drive for the movie file you just downloaded.